"Plan Like the FLYBOSS"

"Plan Like the FLYBOSS"

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Hey Chic, your BEST year Ever is Right around the corner and 

It's Finally time to put a Method to your MADNESS.

Join like-minded Women as we work to take control of our busy lives. Its time to learn how to get things done THE FLYBOSS WAY!!

❌No More Losing hours and not knowing where they went

❌No more being vulnerable to Distractions

❌No more depriving the people you love with the excuse of Being Busy

❌No more moving the Marker on Your Goals for Convenience

❌No more wasting money on things to compensate for your Lack of Planning.

THE PLAN Like the FLYBOSS Event is built Uniquely for you if you have experienced any of the above. It is even more for you if you would enjoy

✅Meaningful and Productive Days

✅Stronger Intentional Relationships with Friends, Family, and Spouse

✅Confident Starts and Finishes to your week

✅Maximizing your funds and investments

✅Achieving measurable goals is easier but NOT without SWEAT

✅Checking more things off your TO DO List that contribute to your BIG GOALS

Sis!! I'm excited just telling you about it!!

We are taking two days to get in the Virtual Room with myself, My Boss friends, and other Women like yourself to MAKE THE PLAN!! Get the Experience, Skills, Vibes, and Knowledge necessary to have your Best year EVER!!

This is an intimate event and will SELL OUT!! Act Fast.

Attendance Link will be emailed to attendee prior event. Event Date is Dec29-30th 2023