Sponsor a BOSS FLYBOSS Meetup

Sponsor a BOSS FLYBOSS Meetup

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Are you interested in sponsoring a BOSS for her attend one of the DOPEST in person Meetup experiences of the year?


Well heres your chance to.. By purchasing this ticket, this give ONE boss the opportunity to attend our upcoming FlyBOSS Meetup May 7th.


From purchasing this ticket you can opt to nominate a BOSS or we can handle this for you. 

Rest assured we typically select bosses who has been actively participating in the FlyBOSS Movement.


However this part is completely up to you.

Here's what they'll get access to at the event.

The FlyBoss Meet-up will be in-person at 1840 Pyramid Place Memphis TN 38132. This is a great way for women from all professional backgrounds to escape their hectic life and learn from one another, share successes, laugh, and network!


About this Event :

A fun-filled networking event created for the  FLYBOSS Woman needing a RESET!

Includes : 


Group Panel Discussions

Hors d’oeuvres 

Bottomless, mimosas 


Games and so much more 



Dress Code: Certified "FLY" MUST wear BLUE or white

Any Shades are "acceptable"

Group Pictures will be taken “show up picture READ