Meet "Bossy Blue"

Grab my FlyBOSS Lifestyle PLanner

Meet "Bossy Blue".

The FlyBOSS planner has become the traveling companion for many entrepreneur women across the country. She has been seen in purses, backpacks, dinner tables, lunch dates, on the runway, and even at the office. Bossy Blue was named with the intention of displaying her bold blueness and her ability to create Bosses!

Undated Calendar Feature

When you are thinking of choosing a planner that will meet you where you are, think of this FlyBOSS Lifestyle Planner. It is a 12 Month Planner that allows you to start with whatever month you begin planning your dreams.

5k Savings Challenge

When working in your planner, we have to stay true to the need of financial discipline. Saving a few coins is a must. Its even better when you are working it with thousands of other Bosses using the same plan. The 5K in one year plan within this planner has been executed by thousands of Bosses so far and you can join us.

Grab my FlyBOSS Lifestyle Planner

30, 60, 90 Day Business Startup Plan

We understand that all planner lovers are not yet Bosses. Thats why we loaded the planner with a step by step game plan for starting and launching a legitimate business. This section makes sure The FlyBOSS Lifestyle Planner lives up to her name. "Bossy Blue" wanna wake up the inner BOSS in all women.

Are you living the Fly Boss Lifestyle?

This FlyBOSS Lifestyle Planner is immaculate!! I am a girl who can not live without her planner &the FlyBOSS Lifestyle Planner has given me another SOULMATE within a planner.

Kimeka B.

Yesssssssssss for this FLyBOSS Planner! First, the packaging is so EXCLUSIVE! I mean when I say my face lit up when I saw it! I mean it! Then, when I opened it and saw the actual planner, it blew my mind. It is put together so well. It has pages for savings, meal prep,.budgeting, and sooo much more. And I loveeee the "Dump It" pages. These are pages where you can just write down everything you're thinking or planning. Its definitely going to keep me organized. Thanks for giving us something amazing LaVera Coleman.

Jessica K.

This FlyBOSS Planner is going to save my life! Keep me organized and on task. Not to mention it is ssssoooo pretty. I absolutely love the look of it. Its so fancy yall! THIS PLANNER HERE WILL HAVE THEM PEOPLE THINKING YOU GOT IT TOGETHER SUS!! GET ON THE RESTOCK LIST! IM ALMOST WANTING TO SO I CAN HAVE ANOTHER ONE FOR ANOTHER YEAR!!! Meal Prep, Grocery List, expense tracker, water tracker, to do list! I can go on and on about what this 1 planner offers. Baby you losing if you dont have it!

Krystal T.