5 Ways to Become More Productive Right Away!

Determine your Non-negotiables 

Keep in mind that most of your goals involve some form of income. Most of them are likely quite pricey. The one thing that we fail to pay attention to is the amount of time that it takes to get them done. TIME is even more valuable than money itself. One of the biggest misses in a day is not planning effectively. Here are some of the time management strategies that work… 

Time Block 

This is the concept of completely dedicating parts of your time to a specific task. This task usually aligns with your priorities. When writing in your planners you should have specific days or specific times of the day that you only work on one thing. For me Mondays are content days, Wednesdays are date days, Friday evenings are Movie Night, Sunday morning is the church, and Sunday evening is family dinner. Now my entire circle of friends and family know that I am unavailable at these times. Once you implement this strategy and stick to it, you’ll see drastically increased control of your day. 

Make Your Lists 

Most people like to brainstorm and place all of their things to do on one list. That somebody used to be me. It’s a good start just to write it down and get it in one place. I have taken it a bit further with my latest productivity hack. The best time to do this is the night before you are working on the list. But… I break my list up into two categories. My main list which is no more than 3 items at a time is written down first. These are my MUST DO’s. They usually help with me completing my weekly goals as well. Once I have completed this list, I then write down everything else that I would like to get done. (Dry-cleaning, laundry, pedicure, etc. The second list not getting done does not have the same impact as not getting the first list done. This has been my secret weapon for beating deadlines. It feels so good scratching those 3 tasks daily. 

Designate Time 

You likely did not want to hear this, but you must commit to working on your dreams. Having a planner is more than just having the cutest book around. Your planner house your dreams. Your dreams should be looked at daily. Plan a time that you dedicate reading and writing in your planner. Make this a routine. After consistently working in your planner your family will soon begin to adjust to your time spent working in it. This is not a guarantee, just me being hopeful for you sis. Do it anyway. 

Have fun in your planning 

Who says planning has to be boring? Whoever they are, they’re likely somewhere not knowing which way is up. When I sit down to write in my planner, I play no games. Your girl cuts on her mood music. Grabs a refreshing snack, pour a glass of wine, and start planning. It’s the one place where my mind can be free. I like to use markers. Colored pencils, crayons, highlighters, and much more. Pretty much anything that will make my writing jump off the page. If you treat the planning process as a task it will likely not get done. Therefore you should treat it like a Manifestation party sis. Have fun 

Be Intentional 

There is no point in trying to achieve something big if you don’t spend time meditating on it. Have you ever heard someone tell you that you will become what you think about? How about this? If you hang around 5 broke people, you will be the fifth? Yep! These are things that are within your control. The same thing applies to being more productive. You have to intentionally make time for yourself and your goals. Be intentional in your choices and your life will look vastly different. This is easier said than done. To see greater consistency in this, connect with an accountability partner.